Using proven solid modeling techniques I can quickly generate the portions of the mold imediately adjacent to the part. Checks for undercuts and tool actions are then easily accomplished.



Let me work in parallel with the final stages of your plastic part design to debug it while generating cav/core.

By providing the toolmaker with the basic elements of cavity, core, slide faces and lifters along with your part, six factors are addressed:

1. A 100% moldable part can be guaranteed by analyzing all interactions between the part and the mold in the computer.

2. This most critical geometry is provided to any tool designer who may then design the rest of the mold around it using construction techniques that fit with that particular shops methodology.

3. Time is saved by eliminating time spent by the tool designer having to debug your part without first hand knowledge of its function.

4. No time is lost while one more person becomes familiar with every minute detail of your part in order to break the part into cavity and core.

5. Get more accurate lead time estimates by all parties better understanding what the mold looks like before the tool is designed.

6. Reduce tool lead time and cost by giving the tool maker what he needs to get the job done.



Do you have the tools and capabilities to program and machine from CAD data but lack an easy way to break the CAD model into cavity and core? I can help.

Send me your 3-D cad model in IGES, STEP, Parasolids, Cadkey, or Unigraphics solid.